Use Treasury Funds To Incentivise kBTC/KSM pool on Zenlink (Bifrost)


Hi, this is Tyrone from Bifrost, this proposal is in regard to using treasury to incentivise a kBTC/KSM pool on the Bifrost chain on Zenlink.

This proposal will send 3000 KINT tokens from treasury to Bifrost’s designated address to be used for the kBTC/KSM pool on Zenlink (Bifrost).

We suggest launching a KSM pair with kBTC on Bifrost for two reasons:

  1. To increase kBTC exposure on Bifrost and Zenlink, specifically, introducing kBTC to the Bifrost community.
  2. To facilitate profitable liquidation for kBTC vaults. Bifrost, with deep liquidity for KSM, and great volume in vKSM (which can be easily converted to KSM), could provide a great environment for this purpose.


The launch of Kintsugi 2.0 will introduce more opportunities for cross chain activities, a kBTC/KSM pool on Zenlink (Bifrost) is one gateway to introduce more use cases and liquidity to both Kintsugi and Bifrost, opening doors to future collaboration between the parachains.

Besides the transaction of both native tokens, kBTC will be crossed to Zenlink DEX. Bifrost, Zenlink and Kintsugi will create a three-party incentivized KSM-kBTC pool, which may benefit more utilities for BTC spreading around Kusama ecosystems. Creating KSM-kBTC pool will in addition provide more liquidity options for KSM-vKSM pair users, kBTC and be indirectly swapped with vKSM between two pairs.

We would like to propose a kBTC/KSM liquidity pool on Zenlink (Bifrost), with incentives running for 2 months: the first month triple incentives from Bifrost, Kintsugi and Zenlink, and second month continue with incentives from Kintsugi and Bifrost. By providing these incentives, we can help attract the necessary liquidity and ensure that the pool is able to operate effectively.

We propose the transfer of 3000 KINT tokens from the Kintsugi Treasury to our (Bifrost) designated wallet address mentioned below in order to be used as incentives for the kBTC/KSM pool. To better support this effort and achieve considerable TVL, we (Bifrost) would provide 6000 BNC in incentive in the course of 2 months, Zenlink will provide 15,000 ZLK in the first month. The incentives are scheduled to start on December 19th 2022.

Once the funds are received to the address below, they will be added as incentives to the kBTC/KSM pool.
Bifrost Designated Farming Charge Address:

The kBTC/KSM Farming pool (id:12) is ready to be charged, charging will be exectued by Bifrost team.
*Considering the fluctuation of the average block producing time on chain, creating a Farming Pool in advance may cause the time deviation between announcement time and actual farming started.

Use Treasury Funds To Incentivise kBTC/KSM pool on Zenlink (Bifrost)
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