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1/ LKSM vs vKSM
"Under the current assumption that resulted in the LKSM ceiling of 55,000, the ceiling for vKSM would be around 2,500 vKSM (~$65,000) due to it’s lower liquidity."
Ok so this is basically false as vKSM is the largest LSD on Kusama: vKSM as 2x more liquidity than LKSM.

This being said, yes vKSM has to be pushed as a collateral for Kintsugi vaults.

2/ Offer the possibility to deposit collateral for the non-tech guy
The main issue for vaults, as non super tech guy, is that you need to know how to install and run a vault.
The bottleneck is mainly due to this, because it's strictly restricted to tech guys currently.
-> we all have KSM or LKSM or vKSM.
I've got plenty of vKSM but i can't use them in Kintsugi vaults because i can't run a vault, i tried but it's beyond my tech knowledge.

A solution would be to have the pool system like DOT/KSM nomination pools or Khala nomination pools.
A vault that could be run for the community, where anyone could deposit in the vault.

So even if you add 10 or 20 new tokens as collateral, the guys running vaults will always be the same in the end, your bottleneck persists.

-> To my opinion, this is the main bottleneck issue, it's restricted to a base of users which is too small to run vaults.


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