Proposal #108
Tech. Comm. #0x58f9
Upgrade to runtime 1.23.2: Kintsugi lending runtime configuration

This runtime upgrade includes the security upgrades from and a fix in the kintsugi runtime that solves the issue of not being able to supply to a money market.

Moreover, the proposal fixes an incorrect storage initialization from runtime upgrade

The exchange rate for the lending markets need to be initialized with the default min exchange rate. However, the migrations for the min exchange rate ran after the migrations to add the markets. Hence, the markets were incorrectly initiated with exchange rates of 0.

All markets set to 20,000,000,000,000,000 (0x000082dfe40d47000000000000000000)

Storage keys:

  • KSM: 0x4c82a580ac33cceba8ed9766387f22b70bb8c5c17613de2e4a943eba04ed0085b07346ecf84ec5fc071ffd603686a75b000a
  • KBTC: 0x4c82a580ac33cceba8ed9766387f22b70bb8c5c17613de2e4a943eba04ed008590ba0e583e411ba5f3e2184860729bd3000b
  • USDT: 0x4c82a580ac33cceba8ed9766387f22b70bb8c5c17613de2e4a943eba04ed0085d2924cfa3fa750ea617b77e20b37199c0103000000

For more details, please see the following:

The clients do not need to upgrade for this release

The latest compatible clients release for this version is v1.20.0:

Request to fast-track
Due to the security nature of this proposal, we request TC fast-track.

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