Proposal #103
Referendum #96
DeFi hub activation on Kintsugi

This proposal suggests to update the runtime to implement the new AMM and lending market pallets and to pay 118,000 KINT as liquidity mining incentives from treasury. This is in dependence on the previously published discussion post of the Kintsugi DeFi Hub launch. Please refer to the discussion post for further details on the derivation of the results that are to be enacted with this proposal.

Apart from the runtime upgrade the implements the AMM and lending market pallets and the incentives, this proposal will set up the following lending markets, using the suggested parameters:

Market Max LTV Liquidation LTV Cap Cap in USD*
Market #1: kBTC 63% 67% 20 kBTC 520,000
Market #2: KSM 54% 61% 30,000 KSM 1,069,000
Market #3: USDT 65% 69% 800,000 USDT 800,000
Market Base Rate Jump Rate Full Rate Optimal Utilization
Market #1: kBTC 0.0% 5.0% 50.0% 90.0%
Market #2: KSM 0.0% 15.0% 40.0% 90.0%
Market #3: USDT 0.0% 15.0% 40.0% 90.0%

Furthermore, the enactment of this proposal will create the following pools in the AMM pallet and payout the aforementioned liquidity rewards over a three month period:

Pool Tareget TVL (in USD) APR at Target TVL KINT rewards KINT rewards (in USD)
Pool #1: kBTC/KSM 500,000 25% 45,000 31,500
Pool #2: kBTC/USDT 400,000 28% 40,000 28,000
Pool #3: KSM/KINT 150,000 65% 35,000 24,500

Specifically, with an average block time of 12 seconds, the rewards will be paid out over 662, 400 blocks (5 * 60 * 24 * 92 ~ 3 month), such that the block rewards will be:

  • kBTC/KSM: 0.067934783 KINT
  • kBTC/USDT: 0.060386473 KINT
  • KMS/KINT: 0.052838164 KINT

(USD conversion rates as of 15 March 2023)

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AyePassing thresholdNay
9.02K vKINT
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9.02K vKINT
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The link to the discussion post is broken. Please refer to


For completeness, this is a runtime upgrade

Kintsugi - Runtime Upgrade v1.23.0

We estimate this to go live on the morning of 23/03/23 (CET). This release includes the lending and AMM pallets previously only available on testnet and will activate several incentivized pools and markets.

This release contains breaking changes for Vaults so please be aware that an explicit upgrade is required once enacted. If you are using the runner, manual intervention will not be required. Collators are not strictly required to upgrade but as always we recommend they use the latest version.